Institute of Archaeology

Dr Michael Charlton

Dr Michael Charlton

Lecturer in Archaeomaterials

Institute of Archaeology

Faculty of S&HS

Joined UCL
7th Sep 2018

Research summary

Research Interests

Archaeological science (materials science and quantitative methods)

Preindustrial technology

Cultural transmission theory

Evolutionary archaeology

European archaeology

Research Projects and Fieldwork

2017-present: Coming Clean Project. Consulting data analyst - establishment of a statistical framework for analyzing multivariate qualitative data derived from conservation publications.

2016-present: Sudan Project Visiting researcher - investigation of ironmaking residues from Meroe, Sudan.

2015-present:  Nok Metallurgy: iron production residues in Central Nigeria. Project Director - investigation of ironmaking residues from multiple sites associated with the first millennium BC Nok archaeological culture of Central Nigeria.

2014-2016: Geochemical Provenance Mapping of Pre-Roman Ironworking sites in Britain (IRONWORKS). Research Fellow; Project Director - development of a multivariate provenance database for Pre-Roman IronAge Britain derived from chemical characterizations of bloomery slag and slag inclusions in iron objects.

2014-present: UCL Qatar Smelting Festival, Meroe Sudan. Scientific Advisor - recording, sampling and analysis of materials and operating conditions for a series of bloomery iron smelting experiments based on archaeological evidence at Meroe.

2012-present: Metallurgical Waste—Skilled Production and Environmental impact. Research Partner - analysis of metallurgical production systems and their residues to assess technological skill and long-term impacts on landscape development, ecological niches, and human health.

2003-present: Experimental Investigation of Bloomery Ironmaking Systems. Materials characterization and data analysis specialist - analysis and characterization of ironmaking products and residues derived from experimental bloomery smelting systems carried out at Plas Tan y Bwlch, Wales.

Teaching summary

 Degree Programme Co-ordinator: MSc in Archaeological Science: Technology and Materials

 Course Co-ordinator: ARCL0098 Archaeometallurgy: Mining and Extractive Metallurgy

 Course Co-ordinator: ARCL0170 Laboratory and instrumental skills in archaeological science


University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2007
University of Missouri-Columbia
Other higher degree, Master of Arts | 2002
University of Illinois at Chicago
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts | 1997


Lecturer in Archaeomaterials

Educational Background
PhD (UCL Institute of Archaeology, 2007). Thesis title: Ironworking in Northwest Wales: An Evolutionary Analysis
MA (University of Missouri-Columbia, 2002). Thesis title: Explaining Temporal Variation in Slag Chemistry at the Titelberg Hillfort, Luxembourg
BA in Anthropology (University of Illinois at Chicago, 1997)