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Dr Matthew Pope

Dr Matthew Pope

Principal Research Fellow

Institute of Archaeology ASE

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Apr 1997

Research summary

Patterning in the use, discard and transportation of artifacts and raw materials by early humans. The taphonomy and behavioural controls over Acheulean assemblage formation. The role of bifacial technology and tool discard in Lower Palaeolithic hunting strategies and social organization. The geological context of Middle Pleistocene human occupation in Southern Britain. Visualization and simulation of prehistoric landscapes. Early Upper Palaeolithic colonisation of northern Europe.

Teaching summary

Human Origins British Prehistory Taphoonomy Lithic Technology Heritage Management Field Excavation Experimental Archaeology Geoarchaeology


Cardiff University
First Degree, Bachelor of Science |
University of Southampton
Doctorate, Doctorat | 2003