Archaeology South-East


Archaeologists help launch new exhibition: Hackney 300,000BC

20 February 2023

What was Hackney like in 300,000BC? Archaeologists from Archaeology South-East help launch Hackney Museum's new exhibition of local Ice Age archaeology.

A group of children sit in a circle making handprints on a large piece of paper

In January, Matt Pope and Letty Ingrey from Archaeology South-East participated in the launch of Hackney Museum’s new exhibit Hackney 300,000 BC. During a day of busy, exciting activity the archaeologists taught 186 children and 32 teachers and carers all about Ice Age art and how to make paint from minerals found in the landscape. Every child left behind an Ice Age print of their hands to mark the occasion and had an opportunity to see the museum’s new display of early prehistoric archaeology. 

Children's palaeolithic artwork (c) London Borough of Hackney

Hackney Borough, in north east London, has a rich and celebrated record of Ice Age archaeology including stone artefacts and the bones of extinct animals such as Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhino, Hippo and Lion. Through research and developer-funded archaeology, the UCL Institute of Archaeology has contributed to learning more about the Ice Age past of the borough over many years. This day was a chance to share our archaeologists' expertise and passion for the subject with Hackney’s schools and to support the museum in the launch of their wonderful new exhibition.