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Affiliate Academics

The UCL Institute of Archaeology hosts visiting scholars (known as Affiliate Academics) from across the world.

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Affiliate academics visit the Institute to pursue their research, either individually or in collaboration with members of staff of UCL in related fields of interest, while being able to make use of the Institute's facilities and specialist expertise. Recent visitors hailing from Japan, Iraq, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Norway, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and China.

These pages are for visiting researchers only. Applicants using the facilities at UCL towards a higher degree are classified as Visiting Research Students, for which information is available on the UCL International Students website.


Affiliate Academics: visits of more than 4 weeks

All academics visiting for more than 4 weeks come under the UCL Affiliate Academics scheme, which is for persons holding established academic posts overseas in institutions of higher education.

Admission as an Affiliate is based on an application to pursue work in a particular field of research in one of UCL's Departments. The application consists of a proposal form, up to date CV, and written statement detailing the proposed area of work. Please note there is a fee for Affiliate Academics.  Details of current fees can be found in the Application Procedure & Fees section.  For more information on how to apply, and to download the Affiliate Academics application form, please see this section.

Affiliate Academics do not normally attend courses, but by arrangement with the Director of the Institute of Archaeology they may audit certain lectures or attend seminars.

Short Term Visiting Academics: visits of less than 4 weeks

Academics who would like to stay at the UCL Institute of Archaeology for less than four weeks will not be eligible to join the formal Affiliate Academic Scheme. However, they can still make use of some of the Institute of Archaeology's facilities at no cost.

All prospective visitors will need to submit a proposal form, which should be completed at least three months in advance of the visit.

Application process and fees

Up to 4 weeks

There is no fee for academics visiting the Institute for less than 4 weeks, although a bench fee may apply for use of the laboratories.

More than 4 weeks

Academics staying for more than 4 weeks (up to a maximum of one year) come under the UCL Affiliate Academics scheme.

Affiliate Academics are charged a fee linked to the fee charged to UK/EU research students (£5,860 for 2023-24). Fees for visits of less than a calendar year are normally charged on a pro rata basis. A Head of Department can recommend that additional research expenses may also be charged.

Affiliate Academics should ensure that they have sufficient funds available to maintain themselves whilst in London, and to pay the UCL fees.

Please note that bench fees apply for visitors using the laboratories.


We kindly ask all visiting academics to make a request to use our facilities well in advance. One month before the proposed visit is the minimum notice period we require, and if you require a visa then you would need to apply at least 4 months in advance.

Application process

Applications for both short-term visiting academics and longer stays as Affiliate Academics require the following to be completed:

  • A proposal form
  • A copy of your current CV
  • A written statement giving the reason for your visit, and details of your research or work you wish to undertake during your stay

Please send all of the above by email to Gail Hammond

Once your application has been approved you will receive a confirmation letter from HR and an invoice for the fee (where relevant) in due course.


If you will require a visa please make sure you apply in good time. For more information, see the UK Border Agency website or email Louisa Goldsmith if you have any queries.


Access to facilities for Visiting Academics is based on the duration of their stay at UCL:

Up to 4 weeks

  • UCL ID card
  • Library access (reference only)

Between 4 weeks and 3 months

  • UCL ID card
  • Library access (reference only)
  • Computer account
  • UCL email address

Between 3 months and 1 year

  • UCL ID card
  • Library access with borrowing rights
  • Computer account
  • UCL email address

Information about Institute facilities is available here»

Further information


Please refer to the UK government Visas & Immigration page for up-to-date information on applying for visas.


The UCL Staff Accommodation site contains information about the various accommodation options in London.

General advice for international staff

Universities UK International Staff and student website has useful information for academics coming to live and work in the UK.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact Gail Hammond.