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Accommodation Service

accomodation service

Welcome to the UCL Staff Accommodation Service

The UCL Staff Accommodation Service is based in Human Resources and our aim is to assist UCL staff with their accommodation needs when relocating to London or at anytime a change in accommodation is required. 

You will find here a web link with a form which staff seeking accommodation should complete

We are also interested in hearing from property owners who wish to place their accommodation with us. There is demand for rooms, studios, flats and houses at any time during the year although September and October is a time of greatest demand as this is when the new academic year begins.

You will find here a web link with a form for completion by property owners wishing to place their properties with this service.

There are forms that you can download on both of these web links and as either potential tenant or property owner, you will need to complete these and return them to the accommodation office to proceed. Once received, we will look to match up a property with a potential tenant. Please note that properties are not placed on this website for general viewing, and can only be accessed by contacting the UCL Accommodation Service.  

Please note that UCL does not own accommodation, so if you are unable to find your ideal accommodation through the available lists, your other options include:

Remember that students halls of residence have rooms over the summer holidays. These are usually available mid June to mid August and can offer very good value for money especially as you can also get meals as well at reasonable rates. Contact the UCL Accommodation office if you want more information on summer accommodation.

What we don’t do….

UCL Staff Accommodation Service
Human Resources Division
1-19 Torrington Place
London WC1E 7HB

Contact : Ms Anne Skinner 
UCL Staff Accommodation Officer
Tel : 0207 679 1270 ( 41270)
Fax: 0207 916 8507

Note: Subject to eligibility, staff may be entitled to additional financial support for relocation to UCL, see Relocation Scheme.   Staff that are not eligible for relocation expenses or supplement may wish to use UCL’s suppliers, who have been through a tender process, and agree to pay the supplier directly.   

Terms & Conditions of Use

Please Note: The Human Resources Division of University College London (UCL) has not visited any of the properties offered by prospective landlords, nor has it verified any of the details provided, nor does it make any representation as to the state of the properties you may decide to visit. Before renting a property, you should check for yourself that the accommodation meets not only your specific needs, but also all necessary safety requirements. Any rentals are at your own risk.

The UCL Staff Accommodation Service has taken considerable care in preparing the information and materials, which are displayed on its website. However, the UCL Staff Accommodation Service is unable to provide any express or implied warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein, in particular it cannot guarantee the safety, cleanliness or suitability of any property offered, or the suitability of any prospective landlord.

Neither UCL nor the UCL Staff Accommodation Service assumes responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the information and material contained within or downloaded from its website, or as a result of any rental that you decide upon. The advice given on this website is of general application only, to assist you in reaching a decision about finding accommodation. Your needs may be different and the circumstances of your situation may mean that you should seek additional, or more specific advice, before entering into any agreement to rent accommodation.

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The UCL Staff Accommodation Service gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Mr Tim Powell of Powell Forster Solicitors, and Mr Bob Miller of the University of London Housing Services regarding the creation of this website.