Institute of Archaeology


Archaeology Talks 2.0

14 October 2019

A second series of dialogues will take place this year, commencing next week, which will consider the topic of European museums and their interaction with a wide range of diverse communities.

Dialogues: Medieval Archaeology and Islam

This year's series, organised by Corinna Riva and Andrew Gardner, and hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, will explore how European museums of archaeology interact with a wide range of communities.

Their educational mission is particularly important today, as the cultural diversity of these communities is greater than ever before; even local museums work in contexts that are no longer as ethnically or culturally homogenous as they once were. How should all such institutions be inclusive, and pay attention to the diversity of visitors, particularly addressing those who might not find traditional museum presentations accessible or interesting to them? What vision should archaeological museums have to address the debates surrounding the role of the past in contemporary European societies? These questions will be addressed by three dialogues between directors of Italian and British national, regional and local museums.

All events are sponsored by Accordia, the ‘UCL-in-Rome’ initiative, the Institute of Classical Studies, London and the British School at Rome.


Who are Archaeology Museums for?