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Four Institute of Archaeology students start year-long placement with ASE

28 September 2023

The 2023-24 cohort of four Institute of Archaeology students have just started their placement year with ASE. Let’s find out a little more about Claire, Galahad, Solomon and Tasnima and what they’re looking forward to over the next twelve months!

Four archaeologists stand in a group, smiling. Behind them is an archaeological trench, bordered by trees. They are wearing hi-vis and wellies.

Claire is excited to try a everything and anything on her placement year! Her interests specifically include public engagement and social media, so we’ll definitely be getting her to make us some sweet sweet content throughout the year. Find out more in Claire’s full interview.

Galahad has a particular interest in landscape archaeology and Neolithic Western Europe! Fingers crossed for some interesting Neolithic archaeology turning up this year, and for lots of discussions about the wider landscapes our sites are in with our experienced field team. Read Galahad’s full interview to find out about his excavation experience so far.

Sol is up for doing lots of fieldwork to really master the fundamentals! His current interest is in the computational side of archaeology, including photogrammetry and GIS. Hopefully there will be lots of chance to work on this with our survey team! For more of what he’s looking forward to, read Sol’s full interview.

Tasnima has a current love of animal bone analysis, but is also excited to potentially find and work with other artefacts like ceramics and ‘shiny things’! Sounds like she’ll enjoy a trip to our zooarchaeological reference collection and working with our team of in-house finds specialists! She goes into much more depth about her interest in animal bone, and archaeology in general, in Tasnima’s full interview.

You can find testimonials from all of our placement student past and present over on our Placement Student Hub! For more information about their degree structure at the UCL Institute of Archaeology and how to apply visit the BA Archaeology with Placement Year study page.

A woman kneels on the ground, under a cave, digging with a trowel.

An archaeologist crouches on the ground, excavating a ceramic vessel. Behind them is a ruined wall, with archaeological equipment on it.

An archaeologist stands in an excavation trench, holding an artefact and smiling at it.

A man is posing perched between two large sharp rocks, in the distance behind him is the arid shrubbery of a nearby mountain.