Archaeology South-East


Becoming Archaeology

The entries in this gallery all captured a moment in the archaeological journey of an object or place.

A group of agricultual vehicles are abandoned in a grassy field. Some are rusty and muddy.

Those vehicles are left at an open land at Barnham, untended. They are on their journey to become part of Archaeology. Nearby, stone tools dating to 400 ka were found, which have been through this journey already.

By Xin Ding

A person kneels to take a photo of a beige vessel, which is carefully placed on a black chair. Behind them, a Sister from a Salamancian convent supervises. They are in a beautiful sunny space decorated with ornate columns.

Our picture shows how Beatrijs, under close examination of a sister from the Las Dueñas convent in Salamanca (Spain), takes photos of an Islamic water jar once owned by Chikaba, an afro-hispanic nun who lived in the convent during the 18th century. The photo reflects our journey to capture and understand the archaeological itinerary of this jar, from utilitarian object to Christian relic, and to learn more about Chikaba's journey, from slavery to becoming a renowned writer.

By Beatrijs de Groot and Sirio Canos Donnay

Grassy mounds against blue sky

Journey to the afterlife. Late Iron Age burial mounds in the grave fields at Lovö, Lake Mӓlaren, near Stockholm, June 2022.

By Stuart Brookes

A church is surrounded by trees, with a large body of water separating it from a tall mountain.

An Armenian church bearing witness to a land emptied of its people.

By Paolo Guarino

Many small buildings sit in front of a large hill. There is an agricultural field in front of the buildings.

We played spot the tell site on our journey through the fertile plains.

By Paolo Guarino

A huge castle sits atop a rocky hill. It has been eroded and abandoned, with shrubs growing on its sides.

Van Castle is melting into the landscape

By Paolo Guarino