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Former Environmental Anthropology MSc students talk about their study experiences and how it has helped their professional development.

(Note: The Environmental Anthropology MSc was previously titled Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc.)

George Smith AED MSc Alumnus
George Smith - AED MSc, 2018-19
The MSc AED has been invaluable in introducing me to the world of research and academia, especially with regards to environmental/development issues. The opportunity to conduct independent fieldwork (examining the use of communal forests in rural France) was challenging but immensely rewarding, as was the course itself.

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Kayla De Freitas AED MSc Alumna
Kayla De Freitas - AED MSc, 2017-18
The AED program has allowed me to develop a wider perspective on diverse interests which has encouraged me to accept an offer to do a PhD at the Royal Holloway University of London (2019 to 2023) focusing on the changing practices of indigenous fire management in Guyana.

Project Coordinator with the South Rupununi Conservation Society (SRCS) & PhD student at the Royal Holloway University of London

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Mariam Mohamed AED MSc Alumna
Mariam Mohamed - AED MSc, 2016-17
After completing the AED program I worked for 6 months as a research, analysis and policy intern with NESTA, working on social innovation projects. Since the internship, I spent a year and a half travelling around South America working on various environmental projects like permaculture and bioconstruction. For me, the AED program was my first step into becoming an environmentalist.

Currently studying to become a clinical herbal medicine practitioner with the Betonica School

Joe Strong AED MSc Alumnus
JOE strong - AED MSc, 2015-16
The AED programme was the starting point for my career as an academic and a researcher. The blend of theories, methods and practicalities in research, and the support in conducting original research, made it unique. It was the opportunity to explore my research interests and the outstanding teaching (not to mention the amazing co-students) that pushed me into pursuing my current PhD.

PhD Student, LSE, Department of Social Policy

Chung Liu AED MSc Alumnus
Chung Liu - AED MSc, 2012-13
The AED course provided me with an excellent foundation in qualitative social research methods, grant writing and reporting, and engaging with a broad spectrum of community and professional stakeholders, which I have found to be highly relevant and applicable in the conservation sector and beyond.

Anthropologist, Patient Surveys, Providence Health Care

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Caroline Bernal Silva AED MSc Alumna
Caroline Bernal-Silva - AED MSc, 2012-13
I chose this organization in particular as it operates at the intersection of people and place. I learned from everyone involved with AED that we cannot begin to work within conservation or land usage without understanding people, cultures, and societies.

Senior Associate Director of Philanthropy, The Trust for Public Land (USA)

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Alex Tasker AED MSc Alumnus
Alex Tasker - AED MSc, 2011-12
In ten years of veterinary practice I had worked on several overseas projects and was looking to develop my analytical and academic abilities. I very much valued the way the course linked theoretical and pragmatic viewpoints, an approach which engaged students in lively debate and enabled us to bring personal experiences and interests into the teaching.

Teaching Fellow at UCL Anthropology

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Caryl Williams AED MSc Alumna
The fact that MSc bought together natural science with the social and cultural also provided a really useful foundation for the many years I spent working in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on often contentious environmental issues such as GM and biosecurity.

Head of Strategic Evidence and Spatial Analysis, Environment and Rural Affairs, Welsh Government

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Carolina Comandulli AED MSc Alumna
The MSc programme provided training on how to tackle real world issues related to the topics we studied and taught me skills to raise funds to support my research and to apply for positions at institutions and organisations dealing with anthropology, environment and development issues.

Currently writing up PhD at UCL Anthropology 

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Rebecca Drury AED MSc Alumna
Rebecca Drury - AED MSc, 2004-05
AED MSc: Wildlife use by Ethnic Phnong, North East Cambodia & PhD (2009): Identifying and understanding consumers of wild animal products in Hanoi, Vietnam: implications for conservation management.

Head of Wildlife Trade, Fauna & Flora International

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Tatiana Intigrinova AED MSc Alumna
Approaching cultures in their complexities from the first glance may appear a purely academic domain. As MSc students in Anthropology and Ecology of Development we learnt that in fact, it is also best positioned for aid sector as well as for research for policy.

Policy Advisor, Oxfam

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