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Chung Liu - Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc

27 November 2019

Chung Liu AED MSc Alumnus

Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc 2012 - 2013

Dissertation Title: "The Social Lives of Birds: Wapishana Indigenous Knowledge and Community Conservation in the South Rupununi" 2013

Current Position: Anthropologist, Patient Surveys, Providence Health Care

Following graduation, I worked between 2014-2016 with the South Rupununi Conservation Society on protection and monitoring of the endangered Red Siskin in Guyana.  I presently work as an anthropologist on patient surveys in the Canadian healthcare system.  The AED course provided me with an excellent foundation in qualitative social research methods, grant writing and reporting, and engaging with a broad spectrum of community and professional stakeholders, which I have found to be highly relevant and applicable in the conservation sector and beyond.