UCL Anthropology


Kayla De Freitas - Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc

27 November 2019

Kayla De Freitas AED MSc Alumna

My name is Kayla de Freitas and I am from the Rupununi which is a “frontier” region in Guyana, South America. From 2017 to 2018, I attended University College London and completed an MSc in Anthropology, Environment and Development (AED). My Masters’ programme afforded me the opportunity to learn a mixed method skill set and deepened my interests in exploring integrated approaches and perspectives. 

My exposure to Political Ecology during my time in AED encouraged me to think more holistically about the initial design, proposal and implementation of projects. Upon graduating, I returned to my long term commitment of coordinating the South Rupununi Conservation Society (SRCS). SRCS’ member spans seven core communities and ranches. The organisation aims to link conservation, education, culture and tourism to promote community led, meaningful conservation programs at a small scale. 

The programme also improved my confidence, encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and expanded my skill set to be able to participate in projects that before I would be reluctant to be part of. The AED program has allowed me to develop a wider perspective on diverse interests which has encouraged me to accept an offer to do a PhD at the Royal Holloway University of London (2019 to 2023) focusing on the changing practices of indigenous fire management in Guyana.