Wonderments of Cosmos Seminar Series

12 February 2014

Wonderments of Cosmos

Wonderments of Cosmos Seminar Series - 5-6.30pm on Tuesdays, for 4 weeks, starting 25th February 2014, at Malet Place Engineering Building (next to the Institute of Making), room 1.02. 

Physicists, historians, artists, anthropologists, all talking about how cosmological horizons play into their research – ALL WELCOME! For more details and registration, follow the link under Links section below.

The first seminar (Tuesday 25 February, 5-6.30pm, Engineering, Room 1.02) will be by Professor Ofer Lahav (Head of Astrophysics, UCL), talking about “The Wonderment of Dark Energy”. Respondents will include Dilwyn Knox (School of European Languages, Culture and Society) and David Napier (Anthropology). Wine reception from 6.30pm onwards!