Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins





Head of Centre

Professor Julian Gillmore

Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and consultants
Prof Vittorio Bellotti020 7433 2773v.bellotti@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Marianna Fontana020 7433 2764 m.fontana@ucl.ac.uk /
Prof Julian Gillmore020 7433 2737/2798j.gillmore@ucl.ac.uk /
Prof Philip Hawkins020 7433 2737/2798p.hawkins@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Dan Knight020 7433 2765daniel.knight2@nhs.net
Prof Helen Lachmann020 7433 2737/2798h.lachmann@ucl.ac.uk /
Dr Ayesha Shameem Mahmood020 7433 2737/2798s.mahmood@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Ana Martinez De Azcona Naharro020 7433 2777a.naharro@ucl.ac.uk /
Prof Sir Mark Pepys020 7433 2801m.pepys@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Paul Simons020 7830 2415p.simons@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Ashutosh Wechalekar020 7433 2737/2798a.wechalekar@ucl.ac.uk /
Dr Carol Whelan020 7433 2737/2798c.whelan@ucl.ac.uk /
Dr Sriram Ravichandran020 7433 2763sriram.ravichandran@nhs.net
Principal, Senior and Postdoctoral Research Associates
Dr Diana Canetti020 7433 2808d.canetti@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Stephan Ellmerich020 7433 2807s.ellmerich@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Patrizia Mangione020 7433 2735p.mangione@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Graham Taylor020 7433 2805graham.taylor@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Guglielmo Verona020 7433 2868g.verona@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Research Staff
Dr Aldo Porcari020 7433 2777aldostefano.porcari@nhs.net
Dr Umiad Rauf020 7433 2823m.rauf@nhs.net
Dr Rishi Patel020 7433 2777rishipatel@nhs.net
Dr Joshua Bomsztyk020 7433 2823joshuabomsztyk@nhs.net
Dr Yousuf Razvi020 7433 2777yousuf.razvi@nhs.net
Jack O'Neill Laboratory of Amyloidosis Research and Diagnosis
Ms Janet Gilbertson
(Head of Histology Service)
020 7433 2752j.gilbertson@ucl.ac.uk /
Dr Dorota Rowczenio
(Head of Genetic Service)
020 7433 2760d.rowczenio@ucl.ac.uk /
Mrs Ania Baginska
(Quality Manager)
020 7433 2761a.baginska@ucl.ac.uk /
Ms Melanie Fuller
(Genetics / Pathology Secretary)
020 7433 2830m.fuller@ucl.ac.uk /
Miss Kay Law
(Histology / Pathology Secretary)
020 7433 2753katherine.law@ucl.ac.uk / katherine.law@nhs.net
Ms Fahima Zaman020 7433 2890fahima.zaman@nhs.net
Ms Radhika Patel020 7433 2761radhika.patel26@nhs.net
Ms Nicola Botcher020 7433 2875n.botcher@ucl.ac.uk /
Mr Jake Brown020 7433 2808jake.brown@ucl.ac.uk /
Ms Kadiatu Kamara020 7433 2808kadiatu.kamara1@nhs.net
Ms Karolina Piechowicz020 7433 2890k.piechowicz@nhs.net
Clinical Technicians
Ms Sarah Anderson020 7433 2781sarah.anderson20@nhs.net
Mrs Rosario Coronado r.coronado@nhs.net
Ms Florentina-Simona Grigore florentina.grigore@nhs.net
Mr David Hutt020 7433 2742david.hutt@nhs.net
Mrs Babita Pawarova babita.pawarova@nhs.net
Nursing Staff
Mrs Christine Chiti christine.chiti@nhs.net
Mr Darren Foard darren.foard@nhs.net
Ms Debbie Hull deborah.hull@nhs.net
Mrs Lisa Rannigan lisa.rannigan@nhs.net
Ms Mihaela Simion mihaela.simion@nhs.net
Ms Angelique Smit020 7433 2770angelique.smit@nhs.net
Mr Michael Wood michael.wood6@nhs.net
senior Nursing Assistants
Mrs Sasha Coutinho sasha.coutinho@nhs.net
Ms Joan Galima joan.galima@nhs.net
Ms Pamela Libo-On pamela.libo-on@nhs.net
Mrs Sindhu Varughese sindhu.varughese@nhs.net
Ms Jinhuan Wang jinhuan.wang@nhs.net
Administrative and Computing Staff
Ms Onana Ayissi
020 7433 2812o.ayissi@nhs.net
Mrs Jean Berkeley
(PA to Prof P N Hawkins)
020 7433 2816j.berkeley@ucl.ac.uk
Mr Angel Blanco
(Senior Database Developer)
020 7433 2768angel.blanco@nhs.net
Mr Michael Gayle
020 7433 2772/2813michael.gayle@nhs.net
Ms Kay Law
(Clinical Secretary)
020 7433 2798katherine.law@nhs.net
Ms Sarah Louth
(Clinical Trial Coordinator)
020 7433 2723sarah.louth@nhs.net
Mr Islam Noor
(IT Consultant)
020 7433 2768i.noor@ucl.ac.uk
Mr Rizwan Shaukat
(Clinical Pathway Manager - Appointments)
020 7433 2732rizwan.shaukat@nhs.net
Ms Ranniamol Lino
(Administration Supervisor )
020 7433 2780ranniamollino@nhs.net