Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins


UK Amyloid Proteomics Facility

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics is now used routinely in the National Amyloidosis Centre both as a clinical diagnostic service for amyloidosis and also for research into the pathogenesis of the disease. It is a joint venture between the UCL Centre for Amyloidosis Centre and the NHS National Amyloidosis Centre. 

Proteomics is now considered as the new gold standard for amyloid typing (1,2), providing a direct chemical description of the protein content in the amyloid deposits.

The Jack O’Neil Amyloidosis laboratory receives tissues for analysis from the UK and overseas as well as from our clinics.  It is the only UKAS-accredited clinical amyloid proteomics laboratory in the UK, and the 2nd largest amyloid proteomics facility in the world. (UKAS ISO15189 Laboratory number 9878)


Staff members:
Janet Gilbertson (Head of Fibril Typing Service, National Amyloidosis Centre)
Dr Diana Canetti (Lecturer, Specialist in Proteomics, Centre for Amyloidosis)
Dr Graham Taylor (Honorary Senior Research Fellow and Proteomics Adviser, Centre for Amyloidosis)