Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins


Information for Referring Physicians

Referral letters should be addressed to one of the following consultants:

Referrals for periodic fever syndromes should be addressed to:

Please include the following details in the referral:

  • Patient contact details, including full address and telephone number(s).  This will help us to arrange an appointment without delay.
  • Any biopsy details (date and hospital where performed) and a copy of the final biopsy report.
  • Bone marrow report, if available.
  • Skeletal survey report, if available.

If you wish to discuss any medical issues prior to the referral please contact one of the consultants listed above on 020 7433 2725.

If you wish to check availability of appointments please contact:

Mr Ramon Lamarca
Tel:  020 7433 2756
Email:  ramon.lamarca@nhs.net

Send referrals to:

National Amyloidosis Centre
Division of Medicine
University College London Medical School
Royal Free Hospital
Rowland Hill Street
London  NW3 2PF
Email:  rf.amyloidosisadmin@nhs.net