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Click on the links below to listen to selected recordings from events organised and hosted by UCL Institute of the Americas.


Event Recordings 2013-June 2017


States of Exception in American History - book launch

Professor Gary Gerstle, Dr Joel Isaac
September 24 2020

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Sexing the Blue Tide: The Backlash Against Sexual and Gender Justice in Latin America

Professor Constanza Tabbush, Professor Jonathan Bell, Professor Maxine Molyneux
July 16 2020

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The COVID-19 Crisis in the United States in Historical Perspective

Professor Gareth Davies (UCL Americas)
June 11 2020

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Covid-19 in the Americas: a roundtable discussion

Professor Paulo Drinot, Professor Maxine Molyneux, Professor Iwan Morgan
June 4 2020

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US Foreign Policy Series: India-American Relations 1942-1962: Rooted in the Liberal International Order

Dr Atul Bhardwaj
February 10 2020

Vernacular Latin Americanisms: War, the Market, and the Making of a Discipline

Professor Fernando Degiovanni, Professor Mark Thurner, Professor Nicola Miller 
January 29 2020

US Foreign Policy Series: US Cold War Diplomacy in a Hostile Environment: From Indochina to Iran

Dr Alex Ferguson, Dr Darius Wainwright
January 27 2020

The UK, the EU and Brexit - a Canadian view

Professor Mel Cappe
November 25 2019

Unsilencing the Haitian Revolution and Refiguring Toussaint Louverture: CLR James's The Black Jacobins Flourishes Again

Dr Rachel Douglas
November 20 2019

Book launch: 'El Norte: The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America'

Dr Carrie Gibson
October 30 2019

US Foreign Policy Series: The Changing Nature of US Warfare in the 21st Century

Panellists: Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Maria Ryan and Dr Tom Watts
October 22 2019

Mexico’s Transformation in the Shadow of Trump’s America

Laura Carlsen
October 8 2019

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