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Caribbean Series: Unsilencing Slavery: Telling Truths about Rose Hall Plantation, Jamaica

Celia E. Naylor, (Bernard College, Columbia University)

25 January 2024

Celia Naylor Author

Caribbean Series: Black Crown 

Paul Clammer (Author)

11 October 2023



Paul Clammer


The Environmental History of Slavery in the United States

Dr David Silkenat (University of Edinburgh)

12 October 2022

Dr David Silkenat

‘Arise! Ye Who Refuse to be Bond Slaves:’ Paul Robeson, ‘The Black King of Songs,’ and China

Professor Gao Yunxiang (Toronto Metropolitan University)

19 October 2022

Professor Gao Yungxiang

Right-wing opposition to climate action in the US: the role of partisanship and cultural identity

Professor Jean-Daniel Collomb (Université Grenoble Alpes)

2 November 2022

Professor Jean-Daniel Collomb

How Sustainable Is American Farming and Can Indigenous Agroecology Solve Its Key Challenges?

Professor Joy Porter (Hull)

14 November 2022

Professor Joy Porter

The Structure of 'the American Century'

Professor Daniel Bessner (University of Washington), Professor Meg Black (MIT), Professor Monica Kim (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

28 November 2022

Screenshot of event video recording showing the three guest speakers and the series convenor

Buying Votes and Political Influence in the Caribbean: Lessons for Democracy from Belize

Dr Dylan Vernon ( D-Gov Consulting Ltd, Belize)

07 December 2022

Dr Dylan Vernon

The International Political Economy of Chinese-Latin American Relations

Professor Carol Wise (University of Southern California), Professor Kevin Gallagher (Boston University), Professor Gustavo Oliveira (Clarke University)

11 January 2023

Screenshot of event video recording showing two guest speakers and the series convenor

Anglo-American Defense and Intelligence Coperation in Outer Space

Dr Aaron Bateman (George Washington University)

12 January 2023

Dr Aaron Bateman presenting his paper at the event

US Intelligence and its British-Canadian Partners in the Cold war and Beyond

Professor Ror Cormac (University of Nottingham), Dr Steve Hewitt (Birmingham University), Dr Dafydd Townley (Portsmouth University)

16 January 2023

Composite image showing Dr Townley (l) and Professor Cormac presenting their papers at the event

Rethinking Indigenous Power in the Colonial Caribbean: A View from the Lesser Antilles

Professor Tessa Murphy (Syracuse University)

25 January 2023

Dr Tessa Murphy

The Kola Nut in the Atlantic World: Colonial Violence, Consumption Cultures and Diasporic Mobilities

Dr Shantel George (Glasgow)

01 March 2023

Dr Shantel George

Political Crisis in Peru | Crisis Política en Perú

Various speakers

13 March 2023

Photo showing massive street protests in Peru

Sacrifice and Regeneration: Seventh-Day Adventism  and Religious Transformation in the Andes

Dr Yael Mabat (Ben Gurion University, University of Tel Aviv, UCL Institute of the Americas)

19 April 2023

Dr Yael Mabat

Women and Rastafari Politics, 1934-1960

Dr Daive Dunkley (University of Missouri)

26 April 2023

Dr Daive Dunkley

The Fire That Time: Transnational Black Radicalism and the Sir George Williams University Occupation

Kirland Ayanna Bobb (Ministry of Education, St Vincent and the Grenadines), Dr Amanda Perry (Champlain College St Lambert, Montreal), Dr Ronald Cummings (McMaster University, Canada)

07 June 2023

Panel The fire that time event
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