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Book an appointment with your Student Residence Adviser

27 February 2024

In your hall, you have Student Residence Advisers (SRAs), postgraduate students that are on site and available to provide peer-support and guidance outside of UCL operating hours. If you would like to meet your SRA one-to-one, you can fill out the appointment request form.

A Student Residence Adviser sitting and talking with two students in a common room in a student hall

We spoke with colleagues in Student Support and Wellbeing, who facilitate the SRA team, about what students can expect when they book an appointment with an SRA

How quickly will an SRA meet with a student after they have filled in the appointment request form?

You should expect to meet with your SRA within 1-2 days of filling out the form. 

Please make sure you are in your Hall at the appointment time you selected in the form. 

Where will the appointment take place? 

Your SRA will either text you to arrange a place to meet or knock on your door at the selected appointment time. Please make sure your phone number is up to date in your Portico account. 

The appointment will never take place in the student’s room, instead it will be in a quiet shared space, for example, the common room. 

Can the student bring a friend to the appointment?


Can the student request to meet with a specific SRA?

You can request to meet with a male or female SRA, but not a specific person.

How long are the appointments?

The length of the appointments depends on the issue and the student’s needs, with the appointment normally lasting until a resolution is found, which can take over an hour. 

There are other factors that can affect the appointment length, including if the SRA has other callouts or welfare checks.  

Do students need to prepare for the appointment? 

Before you request an appointment, it is important that you understand what SRAs can support residents with, and when you will need to use other resources.  

Reasons for setting up an appointment with an SRA:

  • To discuss your experience in accommodation
  • To have a supportive conversation with an SRA regarding any ongoing challenges
  • To know more about Student Support and Wellbeing services, or if you need help with a referral
  • To share ideas for activities and events in your hall or if you would like more information about Flourish activities
  • To report a non-urgent incident that has occurred in halls
  • To request non-urgent medical care
  • To get advice or to talk about conflict with flatmate(s)
  • To make SRAs aware that you are experiencing discrimination, and you would like help to report it

When to use other resources:

  • To report maintenance issues with room or accommodation, unless the issue is impacting your mental health
  • To request a room swap, or to move to a different hall
  • To complain about noise or parties
  • To report any grievances with the Hall Team

Request a non-emergency appointment with an SRA