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Keeping warm during winter

6 December 2022

With the recent severe cold weather alert from the UK Met Office, we wanted to remind you of some ways to keep warm this winter!

A hot cup of cocoa

Layer up

Wearing lots of layers, rather than one thick piece of clothing, is a smart way to keep warm in winter. Wearing base layers such as thermals, will help trap heat. Make sure to wear your socks and slippers when inside too! 

Use a hot water bottle

When you’re studying in your room and unable to move around as much, sit with a hot water bottle on your lap. You can get hot water bottles for as little as £5 – make sure to be careful when filling it up with hot water! 

Keep draughts out 

Try and block the areas of your room where draughts come in, particularly window frames and under doors. Keep your curtains open in the day to let light and warmth in and draw them before it gets dark to avoid losing heat. 

Get moving

Keep active to boost your circulation, move around at least once an hour. When you do sit down, put your feet up as its coldest nearest the ground.

Get cooking

Eating a balanced diet can help your immune system to work well during winter and can also warm you up! Have regular hot drinks and food such as porridge and soups to keep yourself warm. 

Head down to your hall common room with a hot drink and catch up with other residents. Staying social can also keep you warm! Check out the Flourish Calendar to see what’s on.