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How to make the most of societies at UCL

5 November 2021

It’s important to make the most of the amazing opportunities offered here at UCL in and outside of your studies. To help, UCL student Summer Wyatt-Buchan lists her top tips.

Students in sports gear

1. Browse the SU society directory 

If you’re not sure where to start, browse the clubs and societies directory.  The directory shows all the SU accredited societies in alphabetical order, and you can also search by category. You can purchase your memberships and keep track of upcoming events. 

2. Keep a Planner

Societies host so many events that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track. I recommended scheduling them into your planners, so you don’t miss out.

You can follwo many of the societies on social media. This is where most events will be posted first and where you can find the sign-up links. 

When in doubt, Instagram is the place to be, but don’t be afraid to drop your society a DM. 

If you don’t have social media, fret-not! Check the 'What's-on?' Calendar for updates and to see all the society events in one place. 

Not only will you be scheduling in time for socialising, but you will also gain so many valuable, CV growing, experiences at the same time.

3. Don’t try to do it all

UCL has so many societies, which means that there are so many events. This can appear quite daunting, but rest assured you do not have to attend them all. 

Sign up to what you can, and if you cannot make it, it’s okay! 

4. Challenge your comfort zone

Mix it up a bit – join societies that vary from academia, to sports, to leisure’s. Make the most of the opportunities you are presented with and go out of your comfort zone.  

Have you ever tried American football? Public speaking? Ice skating? Vegan living?  Learning Japanese?  

All societies have space for beginners and looking to try something new is exciting. So, challenge your comfort zone and give it a go! 

5. Memberships 

Remember to purchase your membership. If you commit to a membership, you will have access to all a society’s events and an array of extra opportunities. 

Varying from training sessions, networking events, journalism, student discounts and freebies, the memberships tend to be worth spending some money. 

If you cannot afford the in-person membership fees, are in quarantine, or studying remotely, still purchase the remote memberships. 

Signing up for membership will give you access to WhatsApp groups, online events and other amazing opportunities for growth and socialising. 

Most importantly there is no deadline for joining, which means you can wait as long as you would like to invest in the societies that are right for you. 

6. Talk to your friends, flat mates, course mates

If you are unsure of where to go and who to join, talk to your peers – maybe even tag along to an event with them and experience a society firsthand. 

Send a DM to a society with any questions you have, the committee will be happy to help! 

7. Join the committee

You love your society and would like to give back? Run in committee elections and contribute to the running of your society.

President, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Captain, Marketing Officer, Diversity Director and so many more positions that could be right for you. 

Involvement of society committees can really strengthen your CV and look great to potential employers. Develop your commitment, teamwork and self-development skills whilst learning to be a leader.