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Why London is a great place to live as a student

23 June 2021

Moving to London as a student is a hugely exciting time. One of UCL’s current students, Tomi Haffety, outlines the reasons why she loves living in the UK’s biggest city.

Why London is a great place to live as a student

London is full of exciting things to see and explore for anyone. The range of activities is endless and each day, no matter what the weather, there is something for everyone. 

In this article I have outlined why London is a great place to live for students, and why everyone will miss it after graduation!

1. Student memberships lower the price of most cultural activities

There are so many things to see in London, that a lot of the time it becomes so expensive to do everything you want. 

One thing I found helpful was looking at student rates and discounted tickets for activities around the city. 

Below is a list of just a few of the places that offer student discount tickets, meaning that you can see a Tate exhibition for just £5, or go to the BFI Southbank for only £3! 

These discounts are a life saver, and you can experience things in London for the same price as a meal deal. 

2. A diverse range of cultures to explore

Whatever you want to experience, you can do so in a different area of London. From Japanese food on Tottenham Court Road, to the huge selection of food at Borough Market, there is something for everyone. 

Since moving to London, I have tried dishes that I had never heard of before and my travel list is forever growing each time I experience a new culture. 

The diversity of London is one of its greatest strengths, and in your time at UCL it would be a shame not to experience all that the city has to offer. 

3. World famous sites on your doorstep 

All the amazing tourist destinations are just a short walk or tube journey away from UCL campus in central London. 

Down the road from UCL is the British Museum, a place that shows the history of the country and well as the Empire, and even further down is Trafalgar Square – where so many tourists from all over the world come to visit. 

The abundance of museums and galleries shows the cultural importance of this city, and the history of the capital is not lost on the number of landmarks that one can see. 

4. The abundance of transport options

Buses, tubes, trains, bikes, walking and a constant stream of taxis means that it has never been so easy to get anywhere in under an hour from UCL campus. 

Having your 16-25 railcard connected to your oyster card means that the tube only costs £1.60 at off-peak times. 

Or even better, buying an 18+ Oyster Card gives you free bus travel and discounted tube tickets. 

Cycling across London on your own bike, or a Santander Cycle is also a cheap and quick way to travel across the city and explore roads that you had never seen before! 

5. There’s easy access to other cities from London

If you're ever tired of the bustle and intensity of London, trains to Brighton, Cornwall or the Peak District are easily accessible from one of many national stations in London via National Rail.

During the holidays is the perfect time to visit somewhere new in the UK that you have never been before because you could never access it as easily as you can now. 

Moreover, the Eurostar from St Pancras means that you can be in Paris or Amsterdam in two hours - when travel restrictions loosen, a weekend trip to Europe can be the perfect break you need, readily available from a station just a short walk away from UCL. 

Image: Tomi Haffety