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Who are the accommodation ambassadors?

8 July 2021

As we move into the next academic year, you may be interested in becoming an Accommodation Ambassador. To help you decide, UCL student Cheryl Li gives a quick overview of her experiences within the role.

Who are the accommodation ambassadors?

After the blur that is your first year at UCL, your halls move-in day may now seem like a very distant memory. 
Whether you remember students in pink t-shirts welcoming you in or the Dig-In boxes on your desks, the organisation of these processes require all hands-on deck, with the team behind it being the UCL accommodation ambassadors.

I first became an accommodation ambassador in 2019 whilst entering my second year at UCL. As somebody who loves interacting with new people, the role was perfect for me. 

Before the big move-in weekend, there was a lot to be prepared, including carrying out health and safety checks of the rooms, and packing and distributing welcome bags. 

Once some early arrivals had settled in, I spent my shifts carrying out campus tours and getting involved with welcome activities. 

This gave me a great opportunity to make the students feel more at home in London and answer any questions they had.

The move-in weekend was the finale to my 2019 ambassador role. Although those two days were very busy, all the ambassadors were in it together and supported one another. 

Over the course of the month, I became close-knit with my team, which made the job a lot of fun and not feel like work at all.

To top off the weekend, there was a welcome party that was not only fun for the new students but also for us ambassadors!

With this previous year being a little different, I decided to take the role of a team leader which required more organisation and planning. 

I had Kitty and Henry leading the team alongside myself and together we managed around 40 ambassadors over two sites. 

We carried out similar roles to last year, albeit with more PPE distribution and less face-to-face interaction. 

We were able to adapt and overcome the restrictions by taking everything online with Flourish, where you would have found this blog. 

Flourish is also where you may have met our ambassadors during the weekly activities, ranging from morning yoga to quiz nights. 

I plan on applying for this role again this year for one last time before I leave UCL, and I encourage you to do so too. 

It is a great way to meet new people, build your communication skills and earn some money to set you up for the academic year ahead. 

Find out more and apply Accommodation Ambassador for the academic year 2021/22 now!