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Best places to study on and around campus

10 December 2021

The Student Centre is a great place to study, but you might now be looking for a bit of a change of scenery. UCL student Helena Bryant gives her top recommendations.

Print Room Cafe on UCL Campus

1. British Library 

About a ten-minute walk from campus and right next St Pancras, the British Library has welcomed many famous visitors including Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Karl Marx. 

If you fancy something a bit different, the library is open to anyone. All you need is a readers pass. 

To get this you must book a slot and show some ID, but it’s worthwhile.

2. Senate House

You have probably seen this building while exploring the area as it’s pretty imposing. 

It’s a University of London library open to all students, but you need to register for membership. 

If you find the right space, you can get great views across London.


Many of the smaller libraries also host study spaces. The SSESS building is located just next to Campbell house and is great if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to study.

4. Archeology Building 

Another lesser-known library is the one on the fifth floor of the archeology building. While quite small, each study space is host to a variety of indoor plants.

5. Waterstones (Dillon’s café)

If studying in a library is not your vibe, the Waterstones café is a great spot. 

They offer a tasty selection of sandwiches and drinks. If you have a Waterstones student card you can get 5% of your purchase and if you spend enough, a £10 voucher.

6. UCL Cafés

UCL is home to an abundance of cafés that make for great causal study spots. 

These include the print room café, which is always very popular, as well as George Farha. 

There are also cafés in the Bloomsbury Theatre, Bartlett, and Engineering buildings if you needed more options. 

Be warned though, these cafés can get pretty busy, and a study space is not always guaranteed.