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5 Tips to securing accommodation for the next academic year

30 April 2021

As we approach the end of the current academic year and your time at UCL Accommodation comes to an end, you may be wondering what you need to do to secure your place from September. To help, UCL student Tomi Haffety gives the first 5 of her top tips for the process.

Yellow front door in London - Securing housing

As a second-year undergraduate student, having to find somewhere to live last year was expectedly stressful, but so worth it once I found the house that I was looking for. 

The London property market can be daunting, but with the knowledge of how to work things out, you will be ready to start looking for your future home!

Here’s some top tips to get you started.

1. Start the process early

Looking for a house can be a lengthy process, and you will need time to decide what your priorities are. 

Although the London property market moves fast, it is better to start looking early so that you can get an idea of what kind of prices you will be paying for what you want.

Starting to look in May usually secures you a great place with the lease starting in September or late summer, just in time for the start of term!

2. Know your priorities

There are so many things to take into consideration when looking for your house. Making a list of your priorities with your group will help immensely in knowing how to filter out houses on the market.

Think about things like proximity to university, transport links, a garden/outdoor space, a house or a flat, a budget, and a living space.

3. View more than one house 

There are so many great properties out there, and by only viewing one house and signing up to the first place you see you could miss other opportunities. 

Moreover, viewing other properties gives you a great reference for how much you should be paying. 

4. If possible, liaise with the landlord 

If something goes wrong with the house, such as utilities breaking or problems with leaks etc., I’ve found it better to be in direct communication with the landlord (rather than an agent) as they can fix the problem directly.
There is a list of registered landlords that work with the University of London and have experience renting to students.

5. Communicate with your group

Choosing to live with other people is great, and you will undoubtedly have a lot of fun throughout the year. However, problems can arise if not everyone is happy with the property search, or if someone’s priorities change. 

It’s important you all stay in contact and keep each other updated if you have any queries.

Honesty is key. You don’t want to find yourself in a property that you didn’t want just because you were scared to speak up. 

Keep an eye on the UCL Accommodation blog next week for 5 more tips!

Image Credit: Evelyn Paris on Unsplash