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Discover the best Green Areas around UCL

24 October 2020

We all need a little getaway sometimes, but why not try to escape the big city life in the beautiful green areas around UCL? Second year student Zofia Ziolkowska is here to help you get to know the parks and squares around the university’s main campus.

Discover the best Green Areas around UCL

Coronavirus reminder

As we are now in a national lockdown, any activities mentioned in this blog should be undertaken in line with government restrictions and with all health and safety precautions.

Gordon Square

Gordon Square
Gordon Square is the nearest park from UCL. It’s even close enough for you to visit in between your lectures or during a study break. 

The park has plenty of benches to use and is surrounded by tall trees which make you feel like you’re in a natural fortress. You can grab a cup of coffee, tea or sandwich from the most lovable Ginger Jules Café in the little brick house inside the park – vegan options available.


Tavistock Square Garden

Tavistock Square Garden
A street away from the Gordon Square lies its twin – Tavistock Square Garden. It is roughly the same size, but the space feels extra indigenous with the vines, trees and shrubs growing more freely. 

A real treat for all the wildlife enthusiasts, this public garden hosts various bird species and an abundance of squirrels. If you’re feeling brave, try to bring some nuts and a squirrel might even pick them from your hand! 

You can also check out the various statues including the ones of Mahatma Gandhi and Virginia Woolf. Other than that, there is a Pret A Manger and a Starbucks right next to the square so you could definitely have your coffee and lunch in the stunning scenery.


Russell Square

Russell Square Garden
Located just a few minutes from the UCL campus, Russell Square is always full of life. You can often see people exercising on the grass, reading books or having lunch there. 

On the warmer days it is a great spot to study, sunbathe or even have a drink. There is also an Italian café in the middle serving food and excellent coffee with an adorable tree aisle leading up to it. Additionally, the square is in close proximity to the British Museum.


Regents Park

A 15-minute walk from main campus lies this gem. Regent’s Park is definitely one you wouldn’t want to miss! 

Regents Park
The huuuuge open park boasts loads of beautifully designed alleyways full of gorgeous flowers, decorative shrubs and intricate fountains. Whether you relax by the pond, have a picnic or just take a wander down the many pathways, you’ll surely be mesmerised by the beauty of the surroundings, the wildlife and the care and effort that is taken to keep the space in its flawless condition. 

If you’re down for a bit of a walk, definitely take a hike up Primrose Hill to see the beautiful panoramic view of London’s skyline. This park is also where the London Zoo is located.

Note on parks opening times:

All of the areas mentioned follow a sunrise till sundown opening times. It means that in the winter when the sun sets quickly you can expect these to close as early as 4:30PM. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly!

Discover the best Green Areas around UCL - map 1
A map showing Gordon Square, Tavistock Square Gardens and Russel Square together with UCL Main Campus (Source: maps.google.com).

Discover the best Green Areas around UCL - map 2
A map showing The Reagent's Park together with UCL Main Campus (Source: maps.google.com)

Image credit: Zofia Ziolkowska and maps.google.com