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Employment and enterprise

Find out about access to employment opportunities and developing entrepreneurial ventures at UCL, for students, alumni and staff.


  • Professional consultants at UCL Careers are available to advise all UCL students.
  • Specialist careers consultants are also available for international students, who manage a multi-topic programme aimed at supporting international students while studying at UCL. This includes webinars enabling students to interact with international recruiters from campus.
  • Each academic department at UCL has a specialist careers consultant, who runs a bespoke programme of activities.
  • UCL JobOnline is the university's dedicated online jobs board, promoting around 2,500 jobs and work experience opportunities a week to UCL students.

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  • Bespoke career advice and opportunities are available to graduate students, including practice interviews for PhD-specific appointments.
  • Career development programmes specifically for PhD researchers include a Consulting Skills week to take on real-life business problems, and Leadership Skills courses to analyse leadership roles in academia and business.


    After UCL

    • UCL alumni have access to networking opportunities, mentoring and employment opportunities.

    Collaboration with industry

    UCL works with industry on a variety of partnerships. Read more about a selection of UCL's partnerships.