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Green UCL brings together students and staff in tackling the challenges of sustainability.

We're a partnership of UCL's Sustainability Team and network of Green Champions. We work to improve the impact of UCL's estate, build community and further research.

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How can we improve sustainability with a more connected campus?

How can we improve sustainability with a more connected campus?

The UCL Sustainability Team and UCLU Green Economy Society are working together to run termly sustainability challenges, designed to create real solutions to pressing environmental issues at UCL and in the wider world. Get involved!

UCL Careers Wormery

UCL Careers Wormery

Find out more about a project by UCL Careers to put food waste to good use by setting up a wormery on the roof of their building

Featured video: Making the Green Impact award trophies

Top-scoring teams in the 2014-15 Green Impact programme received special recycled award trophies, created from a tree in UCL's Main Quad that had to be felled due to wind damage. Watch this film to find out how they were made.