• Author(s): Dr Rosalind Duhs
  • Title: Assessment and feedback to students
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  • Publish Date: 6th July 2011, 12th August 2011
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Target users

The unit provides a range of resources for anyone concerned with assessing students' work or providing feedback to learners in higher education. The materials can be used for private study or as a resource for workshops or other sessions on assessment. The advantages of learning with others are well-documented so we recommend discussion with colleagues and group study if this can be arranged.

Flexible approaches

There is some overlap in the materials. The aim has been to enable users to adopt a flexible approach according to their needs.

This unit has been designed so that users can select what is of interest. For instance, if your aim is to develop new ways of providing feedback to your students on their work, then you can go directly to the relevant section.

If you would like to develop your knowledge and expertise in a more general and comprehensive way, you may choose to work your way through the unit from the introduction to the conclusion, studying each section in numerical sequence.

Consider your own teaching, learning and assessment environment

It is important to relate the approaches suggested in this unit to your own practice and your students' learning. If you read the sections without thinking about your own situation as a teacher, it will be difficult to introduce any innovations which would be of benefit to you and your students.

You are invited to apply the ideas in the presentations and resources to your own courses. Opportunities to consider how this might be done are embedded in the materials. You may want to refer to examples of your current course materials, such as course or module handbooks, or recent exam papers or assessment criteria.

Obstacles to change and small-scale innovation

Teachers often complain that local regulations prevent them from changing approaches to assessment. However, small adjustments can have an impact on student learning. For example, a teacher recently complained that her students failed to demonstrate analytical ability in their exams. We discovered that subject-related analytical skills were not taught. Students got no feedback on analysis in preparation for the exam. The simple introduction of a brief session on analysis using exemplars of analytical texts resulted in a considerable improvement in the quality of students' papers.


We hope you will find many helpful approaches here and that you enjoy studying 'assessment and feedback to students'.


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