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Teaching and learning at UCL

The expertise and talents of more than 4,000 academic and research staff working at the highest levels in their fields have enabled UCL to flourish as a world-class university, producing 21 Nobel prize-winners and countless inventions that have changed the world.

This portal provides UCL staff with the latest guidance, resources and case studies showcasing real work going on around the university to enable all academic staff to inspire and motivate students through their teaching.

Staff can access support and advice on course development and teaching from CALT and on e-learning from ELE.

Latest Guides & Case Studies

How are students contributing to the UCL Centre for Access to Justice?

Shiva Riahi (UCL Laws, Centre Manager) and Rachel Knowles (UCL Laws, Centre Teaching Fellow/Solicitor) take the lead on a practical community engagement course offered to final year undergraduates, providing them with a hands-on experience of legal education in a Connected Curriculum framework.

Published: May 18, 2015 4:32:31 PM

5 Things... about Global Citizenship

UCL Night

What is Global Citizenship? What does it mean for everyone at UCL? How can you get involved?

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