Ed Long

Ed Long

I'm a PhD student at the Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology (CoMPLEX), part of University College, London. My supervisors are Alexey Zaikin and Brian Henderson.

Before beginning this course I completed the CoMPLEX MRes and an MMath in Mathematics at the University of Manchester, with one semester in the second year spent on an exchange programme at the University of Toronto in Canada. In my final years I took courses in topology, algebra and logic.

After graduating, I spent a year in Shanghai teaching English with Shane English School, China, teaching daytime lessons, after-school classes and holiday courses in a state primary school.

I am interested in the involvement of membrane receptor complex spatial organisation in immunological signalling, particularly in the recognition of the cytokine IL-2. In the MRes year I sporadically attended lectures in basic biology and took courses in programming, mathematical methods, instrumentation, philosophy of science, web-design and typesetting with LaTeX. At CoMPLEX, I was formerly jointly responsible for maintaining the computer network and am a representative for my year in the staff-student committee.

I also established Sophia; a magazine featuring content written by and for UCL's research community. My interest in good design and typography occasionally leads to random outbursts of disgust.

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