Summer project

"Defects in resolution of inflammation: a hybrid model of neutrophil efferocytosis"

Reduced function of apoptotic cell clearance by alveolar macrophages is linked to a number of chronic inflammatory lung conditions including cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and COPD. During the course of this summer project, I constructed the first phase of a model combining agent-based and mathematical components to investigate the resolution phase in a population of local alveolar macrophages and neutrophils.

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With Sylvia Nagl (UCL Cancer Systems Science) and Steven Barrett (GSK).

Marine biology poster

Halosphaera: fuelling their own destruction?

Halosphaera poster

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CoMPLEX case-presentation essays

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with Max Reuter and Greg Hurst

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with Frank Smith and Neil Kitchen

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with Alan Johnston and Peter McOwan

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MMath project

Topological invariants of knots: three routes to the Alexander Polynomial » PDF

with Grant Walker and Reg Wood

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