CoMPLEX: Centre for Mathematics, Physics and Engineering in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology

  • Please note: Applications for 2014/15 MRes/PhD Modelling Biological Complexity are now closed. Applications for 2015/16 will open in October.
Matthew Caldwell's simulation results

CoMPLEX is UCL's centre for interdisciplinary research in the medical and life sciences. It brings together life and medical scientists with mathematicians, physical scientists, computer scientists and engineers to tackle the challenges arising from complexity in biology and medicine. 

Launched in 1998 as a virtual centre, CoMPLEX is now based in the Physics Building on the main UCL site. This provides an active and intellectually stimulating environment for students on the CoMPLEX PhD program, for inter-disciplinary seminars and workshops and for research project meetings.

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