CoMPLEX is UCL's lead organisation for supporting research at the life sciences interface. CoMPLEX has promoted many new collaborations between scientist drawn from mathematical, physical, engineering and computational disciplines with members of the large biomedical and life science community at UCL. In addition, CoMPLEX's well established interdisciplinary PhD programme is training a new generation of high quality researchers to work at the life science interface.

Research Topics

Topics for PhD and further research projects supported by CoMPLEX include:

  • Mathematical modelling of molecular evolution, evolutionary genomics, gene and metabolic networks, cancer biology and immunology.
  • Bio and neuro informatics.
  • Biophysics of vascular fluid mechanics, hearing and ion channels.
  • Imaging, optical and scanning probe approaches to nanoscale bioscience.
  • Mathematical and Physical Science approaches to cardiovascular biomedicine.

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Scientists in either the mathematical/physical/engineering/computational or biomedicine/life science communities who want to get involved in CoMPLEX, please e-mail for details.

Research Initiatives

CoMPLEX collaborates with a number of initiatives across UCL, London, and beyond. Some of these projects include:

For Researchers

CoMPLEX supports the research of over 100 scientists from 29 Departments and Institutes across UCL. We also have many links to Universities and Institutes in the London area and beyond. We're always looking for new collaborations and encourage your participation. For CoMPLEX announcements, news and details of seminars, join our mailing list. If you're interested in getting involved in our PhD programme or have queries concerning research collaboration, please contact the office or a member of the CoMPLEX Management Committee.

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