Science sites

» Bad Science (Ben Goldacre)
» Improbable Science (David Colquhoun)
» The Naked Scientists (science radio and podcasts)
» CS4FN (Computer Science for Fun)

Programming and technical computing

» Cocoa for Scientists
» BioCocoa
» SciPy (scientific tools for Python)
» R-Project (open source statistical computing)

Making webpages

» (CSS layout techniques)
» Colour Scheme Designer
» W3Schools (web design tutorials)
» HTML validator
» (free resources—icons in my navbar)


» Getting to grips with LaTeX (Andy Roberts' tutorials)
» Beamer (Powerpoint bad, LaTeX good!)
» A Beamer Quickstart (Beamer tutorials)
» TeXShop


» Omniglot (writing systems and languages of the world)
» (Chinese language and culture)
» (Online Chinese dictionary and study tools)
» Gregg shorthand


» (authors of some great Mac scientific apps)
» TextMate (awesome editor)
» Skim (great for reading papers and for Beamer presentations)
» Apple OS X downloads
» (free, open source software)
» Opera web browser
» NeoOffice (open source office suite for Mac)


» XKCD (geek jokes)
» Looking for Group (arguably geekier jokes)
» The Daily Show
» Sci-Doku (almost like real work)

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