Work at UCL


Apprenticeship payscale 2023-24

Effective from 1 August 2023.

On appointmentAP1£20,880
On completion of first year and milestone qualificationAP2£20,948
On completion of second year and milestone qualificationAP3£21,254
On completion of third year and milestone qualificationAP4£21,543

London Allowance of £4,500 (£5,000 from 1 December 2023) is payable in addition for those working in London, and in spaces immediately bordering London, such as Dorking and Wickford.

Incremental progression will be based on completing set annual milestones. UCL apprentices will also receive the agreed annual cost of living increase.

Apprentices join on a fixed term basis for the length of the apprenticeship scheme. At the end of the apprenticeship, you can apply for any suitable vacancies.