EGA Institute for Women's Health


Prospective research students


Identifying Research Opportunities

UCL provides comprehensive guidance for prospective graduate students on the Information for Prospective Graduate Student pages of the UCL Graduate Prospectus. Prior to making an application you must first identify a supervisor.  Please make sure you refer to the Guidance on how to contact potential supervisors. Once you have identified your potential supervisor and made contact with them, you will need to work with them to complete the Institute for Women's Health Project Application Checklist. The checklist must be submitted to the Departmental Graduate Tutor for approval and at the same time you can submit your online application to UCL.

Graduate research opportunities exist across the breadth of the Institute. These opportunities can be explored, and potential supervisors identified, by accessing our academic research pages.

Prospective students are welcome to contact potential supervisors directly to discuss possible research projects or can contact Dr Sioban SenGupta, Department Graduate Tutor for further information.

Making an application

For further information on studying for a graduate research degree and to make an application, see the UCL Graduate Prospectus.

Scholarships & Funding

Current full-time PhD scholarships

General information

More information about UCL Scholarships can be found on UCL’s Information for Prospective Students pages, as can up-to-date information about tuition fees.

For more information on the career destinations of our graduate students see our employability page.