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Neonatal Clinical Trials

Neonatal Clinical Trials

UCH Neonatal Service contributes to clinical trials and studies, which are multicentre - recent studies have included the HTA funded PIPS and two UCL-based FP7 funded studies: NEMO and EVERREST. New studies are currently under consideration. 

Professor Neil Marlow also contributes to a range of studies based outside of UCL as co-investigator. Studies with current and upcoming publications include:


  • BOOST-2 UK Study (Co-investigator; CI Prof Peter Brocklehurst (NPEU Oxford) MRC funding awarded 2006)
  • Birthplace 2 (Evaluation of Midwifery Units) - (Co-application; CI Jennifer Hollowell (NPEU Oxford) SDO, DH 2012)
  • PROGRAMS Study - (Co-investigator; PI Prof Neena Modi (Imperial College) AMR and Wellcome Funding from 2001)
  • ORACLE Children Study - (Co-investigator for follow up study; PI Sarah Kenyon (Birmingham) MRC 2001)
  • TOBY Children Study - (Collaborator; PI Dr Azzopardi (Imperial College) MRC funding 2001)
  • TRUFFLE Study - (Co-investigator - responsible for European coordination of follow up; Dutch MRC funding 2006)
  • iNO-27 Study - (Collaborator INOSYS Study - responsible for European coordination of follow up 2006)
  • OPPTIMUM - (Co-investigator; PI Prof J Norman (University of Edinburgh) MRC funding 2007)
  • Pheonix - (Co-investigator; PI Prof A Shennan (KCL) - HTA 2014)
  • Australian placental transfusion study APTS - (International PI, CI Prof W Tarnow Mordi, University of Sydney AMRC funding 2008