EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current research students

Current research students within the Research Department of Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Supervised by Prof Anna David

Research Group: Prenatal Cell and Gene Therapy

Name Project title
Jane Currie Project title
Annie Khan Project title 
Roz Pratt Project title
Panicos Shangaris Project title
Rebecca Spencer Project title

Supervised by Dr Pascale V Guillot

Research Group: Cellular Reprogramming and Perinatal Therapy

Name Project title
Rachel Sagar In utero stem cell treatment for babies with osteogenesis imperfecta
Filipa Vlahova Characterising the heterogeneity of the human mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cell population  

Supervised by Dr Mariya Hristova

Research Group: Perinatal Brain

Name Project title
Claudia Sisa A new approach to treat infection-sensitise hypoxic-ischemimc brain damage and retinopathy 

Supervised by Prof Donald Peebles

Research Group: Preterm Labour

Name Project title
Adalina Sacco Project title
Natalie Suff Project title

Supervised by Dr Simon Waddington

Research Group: Gene Transfer Technology

Name Project title
Juan Antinao Diaz Gene therapy approach for rare inherited childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome

Supervised by Dr David Williams

Research Group: Maternal Medicine

Name Project title
Fredrika Asenius Discovering paternal determinants of fetal growth
Mandeep Kaler An investigation into the aetiology of acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Tamara Kubba Project title

Past research students