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Prenatal therapy charity

Prenatal therapy charity

The Prenatal Therapy Fund was set up in December 2013 to support research in the group. 

Prenatal birth clinic photo

To date the funds have supported:

  • A collaborative lab visit to Belgium to develop new techniques to plug the amniotic membrane after fetoscopic surgery.
  • Microscopic analysis of amniotic membrane after fetal therapy. 
  • Analysis of haemoglobin levels after fetal gene therapy for thalassaemia. 
  • A microscope to study bacteria in the urine of women at high risk of spontaneous preterm birth.

The fund has a webpage on Just Giving. We are also supported by “Little heartbeats raises for UCLH heal membranes project”.

All funds raised go directly to support research into developing prenatal therapies.

Cheque charity

You can donate online at:


Or donate by text. Send the amount you would like to donate, with the code UCLH63, to 70070 (e.g. UCLH63 £10).

You can donate £1, £10 or more.