EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current Projects - Dr Sara Hillman

  • Mapping the Maternal Fetal Interface at a Single Cell Resolution

Mapping tissues of the maternal fetal interface in preterm pre eclamptic cases and controls at a single cell and spatial resolution to understand the maternal fetal cellular cross talk that drives disease. MRC Funded

  • Comprehensive Anaemia Project/Appnaemia

To better understand the causes of anaemia in pregnancy, a randomised cluster trial in Nepal looking at tailored home counselling to improve haemoglobin levels with sub analysis of non responders and possible genetic aetiologies. Appnaemia – the use of non invasive eye phone imaging to detect anaemia and to understand different aetiologies including genomic influence.  MRC Funded

  • Polygenic Risk

Polygenic Risk Scoring to better understand preterm birth risk Tommy’s Preterm Birth Centre Funded

  • Placental Architecture Project

Understanding how placental structure relates to function using novel genomic techniques including novel spatial transcriptomics (Visium/ CosMx/ Xenium)

  • High Altitude and Pregnancy Study - Wellcome Funded

  • Blood Counts!

Machine learning of raw full blood count data to predict women who will go on to develop severe pre eclampsia and those who will become anaemic and suffer problems secondary to this including postpartum haemorrhage and poor fetal growth. UCLH BRC Funded