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Room Bookings

Centrally bookable meeting rooms

All staff can book centrally bookable rooms via the link below with instructions:


Locally bookable rooms

How to book a meeting room at 90 Tottenham Court Road Offices

We have two office rooms available for booking, Room 208 (10 person capacity) and Room 209 (14 person capacity) that allow for Hybrid Meetings.

1.    Select New Meeting in MS Teams – By setting this meeting up in MS Teams, it will automatically include a teams link when you send the meeting to participants (i.e. set up a Hybrid Meeting)– the link will not appear in the body of the text immediately, only after the meeting invite is sent. 
If you set this up via Outlook calendar, all the same instructions apply as below except you need to manually add the teams link into the meeting which can be done by selecting the Teams meeting button in the ribbon. Not all staff may have this option in the ribbon so we recommend to set this up in MS Teams.

If you do not need a 'Hybrid Meeting' set-up, then you can simply book with Outlook without the MS Teams link.

Image of Teams setting up meeting

3.    Next input the date and time of your intended meeting
4.    Then in the Location field type “90 Tott” :
Select 90 Tottenham Court and further drill down on what room you want to book. 
Select either the bigger room 209 (14 person capacity): ~90TottCrtRd.209.(14).VPRO.  or smaller room (10 person capacity) 208: ~90TottCrtRd.208.(2).VPRO.
If the room is unavailable it will go red and notify you the room is busy. 
5.    Complete the rest of your meeting details and invite participants as normal. You should receive an email within a minute confirming the room booking, it will read ‘accepted’. 
6.    On the day of your meeting, you will find the meeting can be launched form the small control pad in the room. Anyone who was included in the invite will also have access to the joining link and will appear on screen once the meeting is started.
7.     If you wish to share a PowerPoint presentation or record a meeting, you will need to bring a laptop to connect to the HDMI cable or you could alternatively ask for a participant who is attending remotely to share their screen and/or record. 

If you experience any issues booking rooms at 90 TCR, please email Aqsa Andaloussi a.hjiej-andaloussi@ucl.ac.uk

How to book the Theobald Seminar Room at Chenies Mews

The Education team have priority booking for the Theobald Seminar Room (60 person capacity) and should therefore be the first line of enquiry regarding any room bookings for this space.

Please email ifwhadminteam@ucl.ac.uk.