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WIBR Seminars

Seminars will take place remotely. Please sign up to the mailing list to be sent Zoom details

Past seminars

'The emergence and plasticity of synapses at the axon initial segment' Winnie Wefelmeyer, KCL
Tuesday 9 March 2021, 1pm (Zoom)
Host: Beverley Clark

'What is the ethological role of the zebrafish pallium?'
Dr Tom Ryan
Tuesday 26th January 2021, 3pm (Zoom)
Host: Dr Elena Dreosti


Other Seminars taking place remotely in 2020/21

Brain Zoom Seminars
We have been running a virtual seminar series since the first Covid-19 lockdown.  Brain ZOOM 2020 seminars were developed from joint neuroscience meetings of researchers from WIBR and the 7th Hospital of SYSU in Shenzhen China, with support from the “Sanming project” . World-leading scientists and young principal investigators from all over the world have since been invited to give presentations and lectures on their recent work and new advances in brain research. So far, 27 seminars have been held in 2020, each of which attracted an audience of 100-150 people from the UK, China, Australia, and other European and Asian countries. We will continue to organize Brain ZOOM 2021 seminars and a full list of recent speakers can be found at https://brainonline.mystrikingly.com/

Brain zoom seminars