Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


PhD Seminar Series 2018-19

All WIBR PhD seminars take place at 3pm in Cruciform Foyer Seminar Room 1

Tuesday 17th September

'Interrogating CA3 hippocampal ensembles with targeted 2 photon activation in vivo' 
Rebecca Nutbrown (Supervisor M. Hausser)      

‘The Role of Cholesteryl Esters in oligodendrocyte’
Yumeng Zhang (Supervisors W. Richardson and H. Li)

Tuesday 24th September

'Functional interactions between identified neuronal populations of the cerebellum cortex and nuclei in behaving mice' 
Maxime Beau (Supervisors M. Hausser and B. Clark)    

'Trigeminal activity underlying thermal nociception in zebrafish' 
Elisa Clemente (Supervisors E. Dreosti and L. Browne) 

Tuesday 15th October 

‘Inter-areal coordination in visual cortex’
Dustin Herrmann (Supervisors M. Hausser and B. Clark)