Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Woman who doesn't feel pain

28 March 2019

Scientists working within Professor John Wood's Molecular Nociception Group at the WIBR have discovered mutations in Jo Cameron's genes that have resulted in her not being able to sense pain.

Scientists working with Professor John Wood in the Molecular Nociception Group at the WIBR have discovered that Jo Cameron is not able to feel pain due to a mutation in the FAAH gene that plays a role in pain sensation. Jo also has a second mutation involving missing DNA in a Gene named FAAH-OUT.

People with rare insensitivity to pain can be valuable to medical research as we learn how their genetic mutations impact how they experience pain, so we would encourage anyone who does not experience pain to come forward.

We hope that with time, our findings might contribute to clinical research for post-operative pain and anxiety, and potentially chronic pain, PTSD and wound healing." Dr James Cox