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Scanning electron micrograph of the dendrites of a cerebellar Purkinje cell - Hausser Lab


Molecular Nociception Group

The Molecular Nociception Group focuses on genetic approaches to understanding the biology of damage-sensing neurons (nociceptors), somatosensation, pain and touch.

Professor John Wood

Director Sensory Neurobiology

  • Marta Alves Simoes (Research Associate)
  • Sascha Alles (Research Associate)
  • Ali Bangash (Research Associate)
  • Edward Emery (Research Associate)
  • Federico Iseppon (Research Associate)
  • Ana Paula Luiz (Research Associate)
  • Vanessa Pereira (Research Associate)
  • Shafaq Sikandar (Research Associate)
  • Larissa de Clauser (Technician)
  • Queensta Millet (Technician)
  • Sonia Santana (Technician)
  • Alexandros Kanellopoulos (PhD Student)
Dr Jing Zhao

Co-Director Mechanistic Studies of Somatosensory Pathways

Dr Liam Browne

Functional dissection of neural circuitry underlying pain signalling

  • Dr Ara Schorscher-Petcu (Research Associate)
Dr James Cox

Co-Director Mammalian Sensory Genetics

  • Shengnan Li  (PhD student)
Dr Andrei Okorokov

Transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of pain

Lab Manager

Sam Gossage