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Scanning electron micrograph of the dendrites of a cerebellar Purkinje cell - Hausser Lab


Zeiss 880 Airyscan FAST microscope


This instrument has: 

  • six laser lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm)
  • a range of objectives allowing fast imaging of low-level fluorescence in sections or slices (e.g. 25x/0.8NA PlanApo multi-immersion, 0.57mm working distance) 
  • GaAsP detectors allowing 96 frames/second image acquisition in FAST mode (512x512 pixels).  
  • includes Zeiss control and analysis software (ZEN) on the microscope and a free-standing workstation.  

This state of the art instrument is available to trained users within and outside UCL on a pay-per-use basis. 

Our services are provided to high specifications, with rapid access times, at competitive prices.

For training and access please contact Matthew Grist m.grist@ucl.ac.uk

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Zeiss 880 Airyscan FAST microscope 

Please register you interest for training on the Zeiss with m.grist@ucl.ac.uk


All UCL staff and students can book this equipment through Outlook. Bookings are made by the hour starting on the hour. Please contact m.grist@ucl.ac.uk for further details.

When you are registered as a user, please ensure that you provide the following mandatory information when you book: 

Internal bookings

  • Your full name
  • Name of your department
  • Your Finance Officer's name
  • Account code for charges
  • The equipment you wish to use and the hours/dates required.

External bookings

  • Your full name
  • Company address and department name
  • Finance contact details: address, telephone number and email
  • PO number 
  • PO Description: Equipment name, date and hours booked
  • VAT number
  • Amount
Confocal laser scanning microscope with 6 laser lines, 4 confocal detectors (including Airyscan) on an upright microscope
  • LSM 880 based upon Axio Imager research upright microscope.
  • The LSM 880 is a fast and sensitive, linear scanning confocal system with temperature regulated detectors, electronics, and scanners for versatile imaging of many different samples.
  • The unique design of the LSM 880 allows for the best possible combination of efficiency, flexibility, maintenance and upgrade opportunities
  • The LSM 880 employs the next generation of detector arrays that offers many advantages. The GaAsP detector has a 2x better signal to noise ratio for less sample bleaching and faster image acquisition. Thel GaAsP detectors have a quantum efficiency of typically 45%.
  • A sequential acquisition mode allows spectral imaging with spectral resolution to 3 nm.
  • The spectral detection system offers excellent sensitivity, lowest dark noise and noise-free digital gains to adjust the balance of even the most extreme dye combinations.
  • Emission bands may be flexibly selected to within 1nm accuracy, without emission filters or secondary dichroics.
  • The unique emission loop ensures up to 99.8% of emission light reaches the detectors.
  • A flexible beampath with the innovative TwinGate main beamsplitter provides up to 50 combinations of excitation laser lines with reflected laser light suppression between OD6 and OD7.
  • Transmitted light detector for simultaneous brightfield, DIC and fluorescent imaging.
  • xy, xz, xyz, xyzt, lambda (spectral scan),line scan and spot scan modes.
  • Freely selectable ROI for laser scanning and photobleaching/photoactivation with ms switching between photo bleaching and collection of confocal data.
  • Scan speeds of up to 13 frames/second with 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Variable increase in scan speed depending on frame size
  • (e.g. 215 frames/second at 512 x 16 pixels, unidirectional - 430 fps if in bidirectional mode)
  • Lasers, with laser power at fibre output

Diode 405nm
Argon multiline 458/488/514nm (25mW)
DPSS 561nm (20mW)
HeNe 633nm (5mW)

  • Software controlled, apochromatically corrected pinhole.
  • Axio Imager Z2 upright microscope with TFT touchscreen control in docking station to allow for incubation chamber (optional).
  • Transmitted light brightfield and DIC, with incident light fluorescence
  • Optional Solent Scientific microscope incubation system with temperature control for stable long term imaging and CO2 module.
  • Widefield epifluorescence module with HXP long lifetime metal halide light source
  • Fluorescence filters for blue, green and red emission.
  • Motorised X/Y stage with software control
  • Piezo Z stage with 500 micron movement range
  • ZEN 2 LSM software including 3D and 4D reconstruction and animation
  • Analysis and quantification for co-localisation and spectral unmixing
  • The LSM 880 uses the Zeiss Efficient Navigation software (ZEN), which provides a logical, easy to understand user interface.
  • The new smart setup function is a highlight of the ZEN software platform.
  • Acquisition setup is easily achieved by selecting the dyes you wish to use in your experiment from within the software. The software intelligently allows preference for speed, signal or both. This makes the LSM 880 very easy to configure and allows users to become quickly proficient in acquiring the best quality images.