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Francis Dakyaga

Researcher, Making Africa Urban

Francis Dakyaga is an Urban and Regional Development planner. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning and Management of TU-Dortmund, Germany and Ardhi University, Tanzania (a Joint PhD). He obtained a Joint M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Development Planning and Management, from TU-Dortmund Germany, and Ardhi University, Tanzania, and a B.A in Integrated Community Development from the University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana. He works as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Local Governance and City Management, SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development studies, Wa Ghana.

He holds expertise in both rural and urban development planning and Management. He gained diverse experiences as a (PI and Co-PI) of research grants and consultancies in areas of project monitoring and evaluation; project Appraisal, urban development, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Climate change, Rural development, Poverty and vulnerability analysis and Urban infrastructure. Between 2016-2019, he served as a Research Assistant on the research grant project “Sustainable Intensification Agriculture and Trade-offs Management” (SITAM 2016-2019) IIED project conducted in Ghana, Malawi and Burkina. Between 2018-2021 he served as a Co-Principal Investigator of the LIRA 2030 AFRICA GRANT FOR 2019 project titled - Pathways towards Sustainable African Urban Development (2018-2021). Between 2019-2021, he served as a Co-Principal Investigator of the LIRA 2030 Africa Programme (Collaborative Grant) across Sub-Saharan Africa. Between 2020 and 2021, he served as a PI of research consultancy project – Agroecology value chain analysis in Ghana.

francis dakyaga

Research Interests

His research and teaching interests are in the areas of Urban planning and management, particularly bottom-up citizenry initiatives that relates to urban informalities, governance, urban and rural development and management, urban politics, cities, small and Medium sized towns, urban water infrastructure and services provision, migration, and how globalized urban development ideals are adopted in the African context. He has published in the areas of social integration in urban areas, rural-urban migrations, urban infrastructure and governance and climate change in the African context. His Ph.D. research focuses on the Everyday practices and self-governance of urban water infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa, taking the case of Dar es Salaam.

Role in the Making Africa Urban Research Project

He plays a role as a researcher, tasked with providing literature and officials documents relevant to the project, as well as taking notes of selected interviews in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania amongst others.

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