Translational Research Office (TRO)


Securing Translational Funding

The TRG have extensive knowledge of the translational funding landscape and can help direct researchers towards the most appropriate funding scheme for their project.

In order to deliver on the TRO’s overall objective of “translating UCL science”, it is essential to identify appropriate sources of translational funding to support therapeutic developments. 

The TRG works with academic and clinical researchers to produce competitive funding applications. Successfully securing this funding enables projects to de-risk and progress their therapeutic along the translational path towards the clinic.  

Key activities include:

  • TRO administration and provision of translational proof-of-concept funding for UCL researchers through the Therapeutic Acceleration Support (TAS) Fund.
  • Identification of the most appropriate funding source for a project, whether internal or external to UCL, to target for support.
  • Scoping and development of robust project plans to increase the chances of translational funding success.

Learn more about the funding opportunities supported by the TRO.