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Fostering collaborations at the TIN Seminar on extracellular vesicles

22 March 2023

In an exciting afternoon of talks on 22 Mar, over 50 aspiring UCL academics explored the regenerative properties and emerging therapeutic applications of Extracellular Vesicles and initiated conversations on research collaborations.

Fostering collaborations at the TIN Seminar on extracellular vesicles

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are key mediators of intercellular communication and enable the functional transfer of bioactive molecules from one cell to another. Over the past few decades, it has become clear that these vesicles are involved in many biological processes and harness the potential to generate new therapies. In an exciting afternoon of talks, we explored the regenerative properties and the emerging therapeutic applications of EVs, and reflect on future opportunities and challenges for their clinical translation. By gathering a network of people with similar needs and interests in the subject matter, the seminar sparked meaningful discussions among the UCL research community and successfully generated leads for follow-on collaborations. 

The event was initiated by the Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) supported by Wellcome. We thank the leadership from the Chair of Regenerative Medicine TIN, Prof. Jonathan Knowles, as well as Prof. Pascale V Guillot and Dr Mohammad Mehedi Hasan for organising the seminar.

If you are a UCL researcher who has not had the chance to attend this seminar but is working in this area, we would like to invite you to connect with Prof. Pascale V Guillot at p.guillot@ucl.ac.uk and be part of this community.

Round Table Discussion

Image 1: The seminar sparked active discussions around the subject of EVs.

Attendees networking at the event
Attendees networking at the event

Images 2 & 3: Attendees were networking at the seminar to exchange ideas.



  • Prof. Jonathan Knowles, the Chair of Regenerative Medicine TIN, Eastman Dental Institute
  • Dr Mehedi Hasan, EGA IfWH, UCL
  • Dr Stephanie Fowler, UK Dementia Research Institute, UCL
  • Prof Sean Davidson, The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UCL
  • Prof Pascale V Guillot, EGA IfWH, UCL
  • Kevin Beatson, Rayne Building (PhD candidate)
  • Sneha Prajapati, ZCR (PhD candidate)
  • Elias Sulaiman, Hatter Institute (PhD candidate)
  • Nada Ahmed, Rayne Building (PhD candidate)
  • Prof Jennifer Pocock, Department of Neuroinflammation, UCL
  • Prof Hirak Patra, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, UCL
  • Prof Gareth Williams, School of Pharmacy, UCL

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