Translational Research Office (TRO)


TRO drive UCL IoO-Santen collaboration to completion

2 March 2022

The TRO look forward to supporting this collaboration between the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Santen in the years to come with many more joint research collaboration projects joining the managed portfolio.

The UCL Translational Research Office (TRO) have recently driven a UCL-Santen collaboration to completion, to add to the ongoing partnership between the Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO) and Santen. 

Building on aims of the original memorandum-of-understanding signed in 2016 to develop collaborative Ophthalmic research projects, this follow-on collaboration will also support knowledge exchange and break down industry/academic silos by continuing to contribute to the pursuit of therapeutic translational excellence and to training the next generation. 

The collaboration with Santen started with funding of PhD studentships – now, one of these original PhD students has been employed by Santen and is embedded within the IoO to continue research on the collaborative project. As a result of this, Santen will now have a physical presence at IoO to drive greater interaction between the company and UCL’s academic scientists. 

Facilitating this collaboration, the TRO brought the necessary support groups at UCL and the company to negotiate the collaboration agreement with the understanding of the overall intent of the collaboration.

UCL IoO Director, Professor Andrew Dick comments on the partnership: 

I’m grateful to everyone involved for their enthusiasm and dedication to foster the research potential of this partnership; and to UCL Translational Research Office (TRO) for supporting the IoO’s vision to expand our translational research to generate better therapies, diagnostics and knowledge of eye care.

Learn More: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ioo/news/2022/mar/new-ucl-ioosanten-research-collaboration