Translational Research Office (TRO)


Find the Right Industry Partner

The Business and Innovation Group (B&IG) combine deep understanding of research landscape with commercial acumen to match internal UCL research strengths with external unmet needs.

We work with a complex mix of healthcare stakeholders across the School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS), wider university community and Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs). We develop bespoke industrial engagement strategies with the express goal of achieving real benefit to patients and contribute to UCL being recognised as the world’s best at translation. 

We are passionate about helping you get your technology to the point of NHS adoption through commercial routes. Here's how we can help you find the right industry partner for your translational project: 

  • Developing and linking UCL's translational science and core strengths to the healthcare sector
  • Leveraging our extensive industry network to identify new and compelling growth opportunities
  • Identifying potential commercialisation opportunities and matching industry partners appropriately with UCL academics
  • Making introductions and initiating conversations between academics and industry partners to start the relationship towards accelerated translation

If you would like to explore what we can do for you, please contact us